Trading the Snow Country for the Low Country

Posted by Handsome Properties on Friday, February 23rd, 2018 at 12:12pm.

 This blog was written by Handsome Properties agent Steve Rosamilia. 

My wife and I had discussed the idea of relocating to the south for several years. While we both had successful careers in the New York area, something was missing, quality of life. We endured the long commutes and harsh winters for as long as we could, but a winter storm that struck the day after Christmas in 2009 broke our backs. The snow was piled five feet high in our Avon-by-the-Sea driveway, making it impossible to get a car near our house for two full months. Enough was enough.


We knew we wanted a change of scenery, but we weren’t sure where we should move. We love the beach. We love culture. Where on the east coast might we find a cosmopolitan city with a temperate climate that is in close proximity to a beach? We pulled out a map and started looking. Surprisingly, there are not as many options as many people would think. I had traveled extensively in my career, but never had the opportunity to visit Charleston. I boarded a plane in Newark headed south.

Charleston was all we had heard about and more. The city’s rich history (with many structures dating to the early 19th century), the incredible food, the sunny weather, and the genteel manners of the population had us interested. Big time. But what closed the deal was exploring the beaches that are only 15 minutes from the center of the city. Here was a place that we could have the culture of a refined southern city, while getting to live only blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. Smitten by a little town called Sullivan’s Island, with its laidback vibe, porch-wrapped beach houses, and natural beauty, we decided to take the plunge. Now, our son spends his time swimming and selling lemonade instead of shoveling snow.

We love where we live. While we miss our northern friends and family, as well as certain aspects of the state’s unique culture, they are a direct flight away. In addition, more and more Garden State natives are putting down roots all around the Charleston area. Whether you prefer the city or the sand, we are here to help you make the transition. Go ahead. Take the plunge like we did and trade Snow Country for the Low Country. You won’t regret it.

Deborah Fisher

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