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south-of-broad-real-estateLocated at the tip of the peninsula, South of Broad is Charleston’s best-known and most exclusive residential neighborhood. The community is named South of Broad because it is made up of the area south of Broad Street to the tip of the peninsula.

Many of the homes South of Broad, some of which were originally built by wealthy plantation owners and merchants, were constructed in the grand style and often feature details from the Georgian-Palladian architectural era. Tree-lined cobblestone streets, European-style landscaped gardens with iron gates, and views of Charleston Harbor make South of Broad a picturesque and tranquil area, located just blocks from Downtown’s bustling shops and restaurants.

South of Broad, Charleston: Rich In History

With its

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top-charleston-schoolsSchool districts can play a key role in the home buying process if you have children.  Handsome Properties understands the importance of finding a property that fits your lifestyle in all aspects. The Charleston County School District has approximately 45,000 students Kindergarten-12th grade and around 80 schools.

Throughout the years Charleston has earned a somewhat negative reputation for their public schools, but we are seeing with the influx a people, a drastic improvement. We have complied a short list of the top public and private schools so you can make an informed decision when choosing the right neighborhood for your family. This list is based off of parent and teacher ratings and various awards.

Top 5 Public Schools:

Ashley River Creative

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It can be seen from Arkansas to Rhode Island, people becoming outraged about the new FEMA flood zones and the drastic increase in their insurance. In some areas homeowners who have never been required to have flood insurance are being told that they will have to acquire a policy. Here as well, CharlestonSouth Carolina real estate agents know all too well about the frustrations regarding the new flood zones from FEMA. Homeowners can expect up to 25% increases in their policies per year in some cases. However, there are some means of which residents can fight back against the new FEMA flood zones.

For one, you should know that in some cases the maps for these areas haven’t been updated in decades. The government began generating these flood maps around

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Continuing our discussion on maintenance issues in historic homes, good plumbing, especially in Charleston, can make a property stand the test of time. Historic Charleston homes have an aura about them. The manicured gardens, plaster walls adorned with crafted moldings and grand hardwood flooring all hide what could be a disaster waiting to happen: plumbing. Plumbing and drainage pipes run throughout the walls of your home and in many cases most of the pipes will be unable to be inspected visually.

When looking into purchasing and older home thoroughly inspect, or have a licensed inspector, inspect as much as possible. This will give you and idea of not only what has been replaced but also what kind of piping exists in the more secluded parts of your

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charleston-homes-for-saleCharleston, being the historic city that it is, presents a host of unique issues when it comes to caring for historic homes. Charleston real estate agents want you to make sure you keep a few things in mind when you have a home inspected, especially in the downtown and historic district. For the first part of this series will cover wood parasites and fungi.

Unfortunately the same conditions that make Charleston so appealing to people are also appealing to termites and other wood destroying organisms. The warm temperatures and coastal climate provide an excellent habitat.

Beware of Termites

When looking at purchasing a home in historic Charleston, or anywhere in the south, be sure to have your home inspected for termites and that your inspector is

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charleston-real-estateThe Charleston real estate market is definitely making a positive turnaround. There are many incredible Charleston SC homes for sale, and on the flip side, many homes are selling! In the few short months of 2013, Handsome Properties agents have been hard at work in getting homes sold for their clients.

Recently, a fabulous property at 103 Bull Street sold along with a great home on Seabrook Island. The amount of properties that are under contact currently is outstanding and reflects on a positive and strong market. The market in Charleston is constantly improving and 2013 is already proving to be a fantastic year for real estate.

Handsome Properties, Inc. is a boutique firm that understands Charleston’s unique architectural and cultural heritage.

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chaleston-scIt should not surprise you that Charleston, South Carolina is and always has been a popular travel destination for millions of people around the world. Every year, thousands of adventuresome tourists converge on the Charleston area for some much-deserved R&R. What makes this year special is that popular travel magazine “Conde Nast” has voted Charleston as the Number One Tourist Destination in America as part of their “2011 Reader’s Choice Awards“! What is extra special about this designation is that The Holy City displaced previous number one city San Francisco, CA that had held onto that spot for nearly 19 years.

Conde Nast advised that travelers will love Charleston, SC for it’s culinary prowess, authentic Southern charm, and incredible history that

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christmas-in-charlestonThe winter holidays are the perfect time to explore Charleston South Carolina. With all the unique and special Charleston resources at your disposal in the Lowcounty, your Christmas experience here will be one-of-a-kind to remember a lifetime! Charleston history and American Christmas traditions are endlessly interwoven, even right down to a bright red plant that many across the country proudly display each winter as a sign of their holiday spirit!

“The poinsettia, the flame of a flower affiliated with Christmas, is native to Mexico, but its geographical destiny by a Charlestonian named Joel Roberts Poinsett. In 1828, Poinsett was dispatched as the first ambassador to Mexico. The flora of the foreign post fascinated the amateur botanist, and he carried

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Perhaps, one of the most important life decisions is buying a property. Only your very own French luxury home can provide an atmosphere of peace and quiet and refuge.  The home is a place of rest and rejuvenation.  And if you consider seeking of a new house abroad, consider South France in your checklist.  South France has so much to offer including reasonable real estate prices, relaxed countryside lifestyle, and terrific cuisine.

Any research you can do on the ground will be worth the time and money spent.  After all, this is a major investment you are thinking of.  It’s worth taking your time to get it right.

Consider Why You Are Buying

The first step in buying a buying a property in France is to consider why you are buying, and how you can

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french-luxury-homesFrance offers investors a great opportunity to benefit from the ever increasing property values.  The country is very fortunate to have a stable housing market, which will continue to stay that way for years and years to come.  The low property prices are always an attraction to the area, with strong growth and prospects to keep the overseas home buyer coming back for more.  For anyone interested in overseas real estate – France offers plenty of benefits.

Search Handsome Properties’ exclusive French Luxury Home list here!

The property in France is easy to access, with many ways to reach the shores.  In most cases, you can get there easily for a very cheap price.  As many know, France is famous for their transport system, which includes high speed

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