November 2016

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Many people are faced with the challenge that comes with moving to a new place. Typically, you receive countless opinions from friends about their favorite parts of town or read recommendations made by publications, but how can you know for sure where you fit in best without actually spending a significant amount of time somewhere?

Charleston has been written up in just about every travel magazine you could think of. It's easy to become drawn to the city, but not so easy to determine where the best place to settle might be. You've heard all of the benefits, including the incredible restaurant scene, quaint cobble-stoned streets, and proximity to beaches. Now, it's time to look at the various neighborhood attributes side-by-side, and figure out

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As development in Charleston continues to increase, a demand for housing is on the rise as well. The once "run down" North end of King Street is now booming with new businesses, boutique shopping, and chic loft living. Are you looking to buy in this up-and-coming neighborhood of Charleston? We have a couple properties that come to mind that will surely interest any potential buyer. 

A new enclave of homes called Chesnut Court are being built at 375 Huger Street. Chesnut Court is located one block East of King Street.  As of now, two homes, letters E and D have been completed and are on the market here at Handsome Properties! We are excited to be a part of the growing nature of Charleston. Chesnut Court will be composed of 8 walk-up style homes. The

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The Sword Gate House has served many different purposes since its construction in 1803. A private residence, a tannery, a prestigious girls’ school, and an inn account for its most notable uses. Many who pass by marvel at the privacy offered by the tall wall and famous “sword gates” that line the property. 32 Legare Street is truly one of Charleston’s most beautiful historic masterpieces.

Around the early nineteenth century, two waterfront merchants are believed to have begun construction on 32 Legare Street; what is known today as the Sword Gate House. In 1819, the property was sold to Andrew Talvande who converted the residence into an all-girls school. The school was operational for nearly 30 years and housed many notable names such as Mary

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Lighthouses around the world are cherished landmarks that stand tall with history and charm. Days not too long ago, before radar and google maps, these structures were the cornerstone of naval navigation for sailors, fishermen, and explorers. Without these significant beacons of light, travel and exploration would have been much different and more challenging. Morris Island Lighthouse is a special piece of Charleston's history that is being lost at sea due to erosion and the changing geography of Folly Beach's coast line. But just a few weeks ago,  something miraculous happened when the lighthouse was relit on its 140th anniversary of its first lighting in 1876. 

Morris Island Lighthouse was built just after the War between the States. Construction

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