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Many of my clients come to Charleston in search of a home with a list that reads 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2,000 square feet, yard for pet and the list goes on.  Many of my clients are from out of town or "from off" as the locals say.  

Early on in this game of real estate I discovered all of my out of town clients had one thing in common.  They had no idea about where to live in Charleston based on their life style.  In speaking with them I would ask what their life would be like once they moved to Charleston.  What would they spend their time doing?  Many did not understand why a realtor would ask such questions.  In doing some extra homework getting to know my clients and their lifestyles I was able to find them a home in the area that fit their

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With about 30 years of experience of renovating old homes and about 50 renovations under my belt I can say I have seen a lot of old wood, chipped paint, and have been up to my eye balls in dirt and grime.  I have put a lot of hard work and love in to each home I have restored.  There have certainly been sleepless nights wondering if I was crazy for taking on such a project. Tired and hurting muscles and a tear from time to time from the stress. But it’s what I love and I always have a vision each time I see an old historic home in need of repair.  Sometimes I see a vision for a property that others cannot see and they think I am just plain crazy when I purchase the property.   

So if you are ready to take on a renovation I have a few pointers:

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There are a few things that come to mind when thinking what it would be like living on a private island; having a your own backyard free of noisy neighbors, unlimited privacy, and impeccable 360 degree views. Most would consider this a fantasy or at least not attainable in the southeast United States. Fortunately, the Lowcountry does have a lot of this to offer! Here at Handsome Properties, we have one property in particular that couldn't be any more perfect, stunning, and thorough when looking for an island home. 5920 Selkirk Plantation Road is the pinnacle of low country island living, and it's for sale. 

It is hard to put how spectacular this property is into words, but we will do our best. Ultimately, we hope you are able to see this breathtaking

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In the midst of last week's chaos preparing for Hurricane Matthew, a wave of comfort came from The Dewberry Hotel in providing safe accommodations. Some of us at Handsome Properties were fortunate enough to stay at this incredible boutique hotel. The Dewberry opened its doors only 5 months ago here in Charleston. As the headline location for this hotel, the Dewberry and its incredible staff plan on expanding into other regions of the United States. With hospitality and style, The Dewberry was a 5 star choice for a place to weather Hurricane Matthew's wrath. Thankfully Charleston was not affected to the magnitude of our neighboring state North Carolina, but there was still significant damage, hazards, and precautionary measures to consider. In short, those…
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Charleston survived without seeing the worst that Hurricane Matthew had to offer and we are certainly thankful for that! On this beautiful 70 degree and sunny Tuesday afternoon, we are reminded how lovely October can be. Our friends at the Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau made the below video to showcase just how "back to normal" things are here in the Lowcountry! Enjoy the beautiful sights and we hope to see you exploring the city soon. 

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We all know that Charleston's geographic location makes it a vulnerable target in many ways for natural disasters like hurricanes and frequent flooding. What may not be as well known is the fact that each time Charleston gets knocked down by an unfortunate incident, the community does an incredible job of coming together and raising one another up. 

Charleston's hospitable and attractive nature has been recognized time and again as it continues to earn the title of "No. 1 U.S. City" by readers of Conde Nast Magazine and more recently, "Best City in the World" by readers of Travel + Leisure Magazine. But maybe there's a little more to it than the beautiful scenery and its smiling residents. We've come to understand that the real reason why so many

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17 Chalmers Street | French Quarter | Downtown Charleston 

Living in Charleston I seem to always have a new favorite.  A favorite garden, a new favorite spot to eat, a favorite street for my daily walks.  And in my business there is always a new favorite house!

But 17 Chalmers has always been one of my all time favorites.  For me it checks all the blocks of the things I love.  Built in 1688 , known as the Charleston Pink House. A historic property known as Charleston’s oldest residence and America’s second oldest masonry  residence.  It certainly meets my criteria for history!  Placed on a cobblestone street in the middle of the historic French Quarter just steps to everything Charleston has to offer. 

Constructed of beautiful pink

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As you mosey about in Charleston's Wraggborough you will likely run into Charlotte Street Park. But what comes along with this park is much more than a few benches and a pretty view. South Carolina's Irish roots have been memorialized with grandeur in a $2.4 million project completed in 2013. The "South Carolina Irish Memorial" features a large concrete pier stretching over the water and a large 30 X 24 foot carved granite map of Ireland. Upon entering, you will see 3 flag poles standing tall, flying the American, Charleston, and Irish flags. Plaques displaying historical quotes from immigrants face out towards the beautiful water front.

Sheila Wertimer, a Charleston based landscape architect put her designs into action when the idea of this memorial

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