January 2016

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1. Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant

A short drive into Mount Pleasant from peninsular Charleston, you will find scenic Shem Creek. Flanked by multiple restaurants on either side, the creek offers guests food and drinks as well as opportunities to rent paddleboards and kayaks. One of its main draws is the likelihood of spotting porpoises roaming the water at any given time of day. Another reason why people tend to flock to this spot is its beautiful sunsets. Take a walk on the convenient marsh walk, a wide wooden walkway through the marsh, or take it all in from one of the restaurant porches. However you decide to experience it, be sure you have your iPhone ready to snap some photos.

2. Riley Waterfront Park in Downtown Charleston 

This beautiful

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Sullivan's Island was recently named one of the Top 10 Happiest Seaside Towns of 2016 by Coastal Living magazine. While Sullivan's Island is pretty tiny at only 3.3 square miles, we've came up with four reasons why Sullivan's Island deserves that spot.

1. History.

Sullivan's Island may be small, but it's big on history. The island has been occupied since the 17th century, and was a critical logistics location, and military point during the Revolutionary and Civil War eras. Fort Moultrie still stands on the island. The HL Hunley, the first combat submarine to sink a warship, was stationed off of Sullivan's Island, and Edgar Allen Poe was once a resident.

2. Location.

Sullivan's Island could not be anymore centrally located. The island

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, why not spend a little time planning something romantic for your loved one? Charleston is well-prepared to help you decide what to do. Whether you're packing your bags or gearing up for a fancy dinner, let us help you narrow down the options:

1. Planters Inn Romantic Getaway Package

As one of Charleston's highest rated hotels, we are certain that many will take advantage of this special offer. For $529/night, guests will have the opportunity to stay in one of the Inn's beautiful guest rooms, take a private carriage ride through the historic district of Charleston, and enjoy special room deliveries; including, chilled champagne, a long-stemmed rose, and a slice of Peninsula Grills' famous Ultimate

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