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Luxury Real Estate in Charleston, SC

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Handsome Properties: Real Estate in Charleston, SC

Charleston real estate is among the most luxurious, historic, and desired in the country, and it’s easy to see why. From the gorgeous historic mansions along the Battery, to the stunning vistas of the Atlantic Ocean from the beaches and barrier islands, to the natural jewels and serenity of the ACE Basin, Charleston has it all.

At Handsome Homes, we strive to intimately understand your dreams, your personality, and your lifestyle demands. We use that insight, tap into our vast resources, and partner with you to find the perfect home that reflects who you are and how you live.

Handsome Homes provides a full range of real estate services. Regardless of where you are in the process of making that move, we can help. People chose to partner with Handsome Homes because of our outstanding sales success, our top-ranked agents, and our position as a technology leader. In listing with Handsome Homes, we will market and advertise your home to millions of potential buyers worldwide.

Handsome Properties is the premier luxury boutique real estate firm in Charleston, offering many of the exclusive historic properties on the peninsula for sale. As a division of Handsome Properties, Handsome Homes offers buyers and sellers a choice, so that their home sales marketing or dream home search can be customized to different segments of the Charleston market.

The Handsome Homes agents are connoisseurs of lifestyle, understand the nuances of the marketplace, know the hidden gems in town, and work diligently to ensure a successful transaction.

Become part of the Southeast fabric: take in the natural beauty and learn why Charleston is a top destination across the world to live, work and play.